About Our Firm

A Full Service USDA SNAP Firm

The attorneys with Metropolitan Law Group have unique experience with USDA SNAP Violations and regulatory law.  However, our services are not limited to USDA regulatory law.  Instead, our office has meaningful experience in: commercial transactions; corporate governance; business start ups; business sales; real estate transactions; commercial and business litigation; complex business litigation and appeals.

While we are ready to assist you with the USDA SNAP issues that may affect your store, we can also assist you in all general areas of representation that affect your business on a day to day basis.  If you have any questions, we offer free consultations five days a week. (813) 228-0658.

A Nationwide Administrative Law Practice

Our USDA SNAP representation on an administrative level is available across the United States. This includes: answering Charging Letters from the USDA, preparing Administrative Appeals for SNAP disqualifications and suspensions; preparing appeals of Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Assessments by the USDA; assisting in the preparation of USDA SNAP retailer applications. Most of our preparation can be conducted through telephone, Skype and e-mail – eliminating the need for cross country travel to represent your store in the matter.

Statewide Representation

Our attorneys are members of the Florida Bar Association and can appear in court on behalf of clients in Florida. Such courts include any and all State of Florida County, Circuit and District Courts, in addition to the Florida Supreme Court. Some of our attorneys are members of the Federal District Courts of the State of Florida. For USDA SNAP appeal purposes, if your store is located within the State of Florida, we can most likely represent you through the entire process from initial charging letter through the Judicial Appeal and beyond.

For representation in areas outside of Florida, we may be able to appear pro hac vice (on a limited basis) on your behalf under certain circumstances with the assistance of local counsel. To learn more, call us today for a free consultation. (813) 228-0658.

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