SNAP Application

EBT Application For Business

Starting a new retail food store?  Expanding your business to include an EBT Machine?  We can help!  Our office can help you with an EBT application for business retail food stores.  Our attorneys and staff have handled EBT and SNAP applications and are aware of the pitfalls and dangers inherent in an application.  Furthermore, our prompt and responsive service can help to manage any questions or concerns the United States Department of Agriculture may have about your application.

How to Apply for a Retailer SNAP License

The Retailer SNAP Application is submitted through an online system which requires the application to submit a certain amount of information regarding his or her personal history, the history of your business (including the financial history of your operation), and how the business is generally managed.  Sometimes, the USDA will require a store to supplement its EBT application for business licensure, and have the store produce information and documents to demonstrate that the applicant is the actual individual who will be running and operating the store.  Some categories of documents that the Department may require before authorizing your EBT machine include: your personal tax returns, your business licenses, your lottery and liquor licenses, your bank records and a personal affidavit.

Our team can help to make sure that the Department receives the information it requests, while making certain that you avoid costly mistakes that could result in a denial of your EBT application.

Experience with EBT Applications and the USDA

Our office and attorneys handle USDA matters every day, some of which involve the improper denial of EBT applications for business retailers under 7 CFR §278.1.  This experiences gives us an edge when it comes to preparing your application and anticipating the information that the USDA will require you to produce to make certain your application proceeds appropriately.  If you’re looking to apply for an EBT machine, call our office today to learn more.

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